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Germany Bernd 2021-09-12 20:50:56 ⋅ 6d No. 122552
I liked these two images today. Post whatever made you smile today.
Slovenia Bernd 2021-09-12 21:49:13 ⋅ 6d No. 122553
seeing this image again now that content has informed reality
United States Bernd 2021-09-14 01:58:52 ⋅ 5d No. 122629
This was at a museum I recently visited in KC. This is a Finnish artifact that was stolen from Helsinki and that we will NOT be giving back.
New Zealand Bernd 2021-09-14 02:13:28 ⋅ 5d No. 122630
Cleaning up some old files.
Slovenia Bernd 2021-09-14 18:52:25 ⋅ 4d No. 122679
California Bernd 2021-09-19 05:43:39 ⋅ 7h No. 122936
The Iwata frame in the middle gave me a good chuckle