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Next African war?

Russia Bernd 2023-07-31 11:30:48 ⋅ 11mn
No. 281189
There was a coup in Niger ECOWAS threatens to invade in a week if the coup leaders don't release captured president Bazoum
Russia Bernd 2024-06-25 11:06:39 ⋅ 3w No. 313370
This is what the horror looks like - Bangladesh on the list imagine you have civil war and banditry, ok, its bad - but then some third world shitholes organize and BANGLADESH is sending their soldiers to POLICE you, TO QUELL the unrest, to MANAGE the situation, imagine suffering the smelly BANGLADESHI BOOT on your neck because they have a lot of population and they just want to commit to anything under the blue that will earn the good goym points in the globo homo books and even CHAD, fucking CHAD that is unstable itself and is ruled by the transitioning Debi is going to send their troops to stabilize your country. If this is the future we going to live in, i don't want to live long enough to see shit like that
United Kingdom Bernd 2024-06-25 11:30:35 ⋅ 3w No. 313371
Niger but with an extra G
Russia Bernd 2024-07-09 06:28:04 ⋅ 1w No. 314315
This is Cameroon in 100 years from now Biya is still president btw
Russia Bernd 2024-07-16 11:28:01 ⋅ 3d No. 314757
fat fuck can't control anything, sitting in Kinshasa as if its other world

United States Bernd 2024-07-14 22:26:27 ⋅ 5d No. 314683
Guess who just got shot
Hungary Bernd 2024-07-15 09:19:31 ⋅ 4d No. 314707
>>314683 I dunno. Who? Don't leave us in suspense!
United Kingdom Bernd 2024-07-15 19:36:12 ⋅ 4d No. 314733

Lest play "Who is the next country to turn against ukraine?""

Mexico Bernd 2023-10-01 18:07:50 ⋅ 9mn
No. 289997
First Poland saw a chance to snag a part of ukranian territory. I think the next is the netherlands, because nobody is going to help them. Their fracking gas operation failed and now they're gonna suffer, not just because of no gas, but because of no gains from selling gas to europoors.
Argentina Bernd 2023-12-30 02:14:41 ⋅ 6mn No. 297387
>>289997 Hungary, they are starting to block aid packages.
Mexico Bernd 2023-12-30 03:57:57 ⋅ 6mn No. 297398
>>297387 Well shit, you won this round. Soooooo LET'S KICKSTART ROUND 2! WHO IS GOING TO TURN AGAINST UKRAINE AFTER HUNGARY??????
Mexico Bernd 2024-04-26 17:52:41 ⋅ 2mn No. 308205
>>289997 LOL, poland is still at it.
Hungary Bernd 2024-07-13 08:39:41 ⋅ 6d No. 314574
It is the United States! Who would have thought!

Afghanistan war is still ongoing

Russia Bernd 2024-04-25 11:31:54 ⋅ 2mn
No. 308068
The war for Afghan never stops
Russia Bernd 2024-07-08 15:23:40 ⋅ 1w No. 314233
>>314225 > those dudes in NE Afghanistan >Now we don't hear anything about them. If we don't hear about them, that doesn't mean they are gone. You know, Afghanistan regime under Americans even had its own CIA type agency called National Directorate for Security. They had people working in close connection with Americans, sharing expirience and all. You think people like that simply disappear? They are in hiding in Afg, and in the Western countries. Look at those Vietnamese runaways who still live in USA and plan return, they still exist, and the Americans still exist who think its not right that they left. After USSR withdrew from Afgan, we had thsoe residual pains in Soviet people - nostalgia for this war. And Americans had this war even longer, there are a lot of guys who would want to return. I saw the latest episode of the Boys, the guy there is speaking with the ghost of the friend he lost in Panjshir valley. It may even fucking happen that Americans and their lapdogs return - you know it was Biden who withdrew, but Trump said he wouldnt withdraw, he was just dangling deal about withdrawing in front of T just to entrench and prolong status quo, he said it in one interview that if he would have won in 2020, he wouldn't withdrew forces despite his agreement. So i think if Trump wins and puts in office some radical general who has Panjshir valley flashbacks - they might even go back, they might re-activate those old cells, find the old assets and stage the resistance and then support it with American boots.
Hungary Bernd 2024-07-09 15:07:58 ⋅ 1w No. 314327
>>314233 I did not say nor imply they disappeared. They are just irrelevant. Many more thing needed for the US to go back there than just a nostalgic general, and both Russia and China will do something about integrating Afghanistan into Central Asia. Perhaps even India. All of em will travel around, smile, shake hands and invest. Invest into mining resources, or perhaps into power plants. Perhaps they'll buy the Panjshir rebels too. In the foreseeable future Afghanistan is just too far for the US, they lost the foothold, perhaps they lost it in Pakistan too, and nothing is nearby to build an intermediary base, as a springboard into Afghanistan.
Russia Bernd 2024-07-09 20:54:09 ⋅ 1w No. 314349
>>314327 no one is going to integrate t into anything, they are not even fully in control and americans haven't lost pakistan, don't be ridiculous. they helped sharif clan to oust khan from power, they have as much influence on pakistan if not more than china, even if they are far away. if pakistan can trade something for helping americans into afghanistan again, they will do it in a heartbeat. they may trade opening skies for american planes in exchange for IMF bail out. Maybe even Russia and China would be happy with americans returning to afghanistan, because its atleast going to be they on the line, and atleast it will be more stable. whatver happens there now is unknown. viruses can mutate and become more contagious and more deadly, but terrorist organisations are the same. afghanistan is now just a petry dish where shit is brewing and no one knows what will come out of it.
Uruguay Bernd 2024-07-10 00:42:43 ⋅ 1w No. 314376
>>314233 >>314349 Modern day Taliban isn't the same of 20+ years ago, they have now friendly relations with many of their former enemies (Iran, Russia, China) because their former enemies are now also enemies of the US and you know enemy of enemy is my friend...Taliban 20+ years ago was isolated with everyone against it and they had no modern weapons too, now they have modern NATO weapons they got from US military which forgot to pick up when withdrawing and also Russian and Iranian weapons. I doubt it very much that US will invade Afghanistan again. They will eventuatlly accept the new Afghan government just like they eventually accepted Vietnam, China or even North Korea or also the Democratic Kampuchea at its time. If US invades, it might fuel the rise for ISIS-K in Afghanistan as the Taliban is the only thing fighting the advance of ISIS in Afghanistan right now since the Panjshir rebels have died out. Afghanistan is now just radical islamists vs even more radical islamists. So it would be a stupid move to attack the Taliban when it is the only thing stopping the ISIS from taking over Afghanistan and ISIS is worse than Taliban for americans since those guys are actually aggressive and want to wage a war of expansion in Central Asia to create a Caliphate and do terror attacks in the West. I don't think the US would want that right?

war with Iran 2024

France Bernd 2023-12-30 06:05:44 ⋅ 6mn
No. 297411
Are you ready? also >the West >look at the bottom right corner
Hungary Bernd 2024-05-22 09:14:51 ⋅ 1mn No. 310904
>>310854 >selling oil to venezuela And selling sand to Libya. >>310861 In Iran, nothing much, they get new blokes. They have the Supreme Leader of the Revolution, the ayatollah, he is the ultimate boss so things go on. Until he dies, he is like over 80. Then changes will happen, but cannot know if for the better or worse. I'd say we can't even know what would be "better". Maybe it was Israel, so now Iran might retaliate somehow. Perhaps covertly. More support for Hezbollah or whatever.
Russia Bernd 2024-05-22 14:04:42 ⋅ 1mn No. 310907
>>310904 People say that the son of Ayatollah will become president now, and after the old Ayatollah dies, his son will take the supreme leader position.
Hungary Bernd 2024-05-24 11:16:55 ⋅ 1mn No. 311150
>>310907 Good way to prepare succession.
Russia Bernd 2024-06-22 03:45:19 ⋅ 4w No. 313186
War with Lebanon on the cards?

Germany Bernd 2022-10-14 17:57:47 ⋅ 1y No. 232948
>German army officer Anastasia Biefang (female) r8
Germany Bernd 2022-10-21 21:33:47 ⋅ 1y No. 234789
German tier
United States Bernd 2024-06-07 06:13:56 ⋅ 1mn No. 312190
Finland Bernd 2024-06-07 06:24:57 ⋅ 1mn No. 312195
She's absolutely stunning
Italy Bernd 2024-06-13 20:41:12 ⋅ 1mn No. 312702

United States Bernd 2024-05-21 13:50:38 ⋅ 1mn No. 310872
guess who crashed
Germany Bernd 2024-05-21 15:42:37 ⋅ 1mn No. 310874
You? Did you crash?


Russia Bernd 2023-05-05 15:50:54 ⋅ 1y
No. 269211
Ukrainian counter-offensive thread. What are your bets? Predictions? Maps? My own opinion is that its just days away. Have a hunch. For realz this time.
Singapore Bernd 2024-05-12 20:06:32 ⋅ 2mn No. 310200
>>272905 Today Putin replaced the command of Ministry of defence. General stuff is still Gerasimov, but possibly not for long. Other changes from my potential list future actions are still...possible i envisioned this list as in response to success of Ukraine counter-off, but it is true for many other future scenarios of escalation
Hungary Bernd 2024-05-13 12:40:30 ⋅ 2mn No. 310255
>>310200 Shoigu gone? i cri evrytiem
Turkey Bernd 2024-05-13 14:03:45 ⋅ 2mn No. 310258
>>310200 There was no successes from Ukraine for a long time tho.
Singapore Bernd 2024-05-13 15:14:32 ⋅ 2mn No. 310268
>>310255 he is not gone, he is the chair of security council now. But it oversees less ammount of money, so he wouldn't be able to put fingers into many pies >>310258 some say that no success is still success, because Ukraine remains to be indepdendnt

Azerbaijan-Armenia 2023

Russia Bernd 2023-09-09 11:02:00 ⋅ 10mn
No. 287122
Azeri have been seen gathering vehicles with this symbol - Ɐ As if preparing for something?
Russia Bernd 2024-04-09 18:21:12 ⋅ 3mn No. 305013
>>304993 And now imagine us, Russians, being stuck defending this "Best Ally" Thankfully, Armenians now sabotage ties with Russia themselves. So maybe they will be off our back. After this i don't care what happens to them. They live in the mountains so let them live the mountain rules, i'll just watch with popcorn.
Russia Bernd 2024-04-15 12:36:28 ⋅ 3mn No. 305660
Az claims these villages belonging to it
Russia Bernd 2024-04-23 19:38:22 ⋅ 2mn No. 307847
Armenians have a normal evening with torch marches and flag burning
Russia Bernd 2024-04-23 21:34:31 ⋅ 2mn No. 307860
they even bring children to these events, teaching them to hate Azerbaijan why? Better teach kids to go to gym. Almost all Armenians i see are fat round fucks for some reason

Finland Bernd 2021-11-12 21:48:47 ⋅ 2y No. 126798
Will there ever be peace on this gay earth?
Uruguay Bernd 2023-08-16 20:32:22 ⋅ 11mn No. 283554
Peace is not the natural state of man. The natural state of man is war and conflict. We are a tribal species on constant struggle, which is our patriarchal nature The paleolithic was the most fascist, mysoginistic, xenophobic and racist age of humanity and it was nothing more than humanity at its primal status. Peace should only be a method, not the goal. Peace should only a short rest for our troops so they can later conquer more land. The concept of a "world peace" is unnatural and was invented by the subversive Jewish people (Tikkun Olam) and spread through the globe by their pets the christkikes and m*slms. While the Abrahamic heaven is for the weak, the submissive and the innocent the Germanic heaven (Valhalla) is for the warriors, the heroes, the leaders and such people regarded as "murderers" and "sinners" by the abrahamic jew. The jewish people have inverted our traditional values, just look at how the name of the first murderer in the bible (Cain) means "Fighter" in the languages of the ancient Celtic warrior peoples of Europe.
Peru Bernd 2023-08-16 21:51:55 ⋅ 11mn No. 283564
>>283554 >urgayan warrior TOPKEK. But you are right
Moscow Bernd 2023-08-17 04:44:59 ⋅ 11mn No. 283614
>>283554 Hahaha my bump made you post this wall o' text KAKSOISPISTE DE DE DE DEEEEEEEEEEEE
Russia Bernd 2024-04-04 21:29:33 ⋅ 3mn No. 304650