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Germany Bernd 2023-10-03 10:33:38 ⋅ 20h No. 290247
I bought this 6€ headlamp that has a strap that literally says "HEADLAMP" on it every 10cm . Besides that it is pretty good. You probably wouldn't be able to distinguish it from a very high quality one if the strap would just be plain black. I think I will try to cover the print with some black sharpie to make it look better. Why do manufacturers do this? Why do they go through extra production steps to print something ugly or retarded on their cheap products instead of leaving them nice and clean? I've seen this on multiple occasions.
Germany Bernd 2023-10-03 21:16:45 ⋅ 9h No. 290289
>>290276 we were dancing to some live music and he came really close to me, we hooked our legs and did this some jumpy moves together and yeah i completely let my guard down. ...because: - these things usually don't happen in Heidelberg - I only had 20 euros in my pocket Once I noticed he took it I went to him and his 3 nigger friends and confronted him with it, he smiled at me stupidly and said he didn't take it. I said he did. He then pulled a 100 euro bill out of his shoe and handed me it, trying to calm down the situation and show all the people around us that came when I was accusing him that he's a good guy. Ofc I did not take his drug money and let him have my drug money. I consider this a lesson fee.
Germany Bernd 2023-10-03 22:07:01 ⋅ 8h No. 290292
>>290289 >hit on a hot black guy in hopes to get your hole stretched >he only wanted to steal your money That must feel horrible, Bernd I'm sorry
Germany Bernd 2023-10-03 22:21:05 ⋅ 8h No. 290293
>>290289 What do you think would have happened if you would have taken the 100€?
Germany Bernd 2023-10-03 23:18:18 ⋅ 7h No. 290300
>>290293 tbh nothing but losing my face that drug selling skinny nigger really didn't seem to want any trouble, being surrounded by many people all of a sudden i wouldn't be surprised if most people he steals from wouldn't even go talk to him even if they realised it was him

What do the germans think about latino women?

Guatemala Bernd 2023-10-02 14:26:10 ⋅ 1d
No. 290146
I only what to know the vision and what stereotypes the average German has on cute short motherly and curvy latino girls and their superiority I do not ask the USA people because they love fat whores who cucks them with any other race since they are a bunch of cowards
Mexico Bernd 2023-10-03 20:29:13 ⋅ 10h No. 290281
>>290272 >Politics is voting every once in awhile. No, politics is everything in human society, you centrist turd. I bet you listen to coldplay. >>290279 Im so sorry for your condition. What do you have, exactly?
Germany Bernd 2023-10-03 20:37:08 ⋅ 10h No. 290283
>>290280 I have 21cm Kruppstahl. I'm not a Wizard. >>290281 Marfan Syndrome
Mexico Bernd 2023-10-03 20:44:11 ⋅ 10h No. 290285
>>290283 I see. I hope capitalism's capacitism doesn't make everything around you hostile and dreadful. <sends bear hug to skinny bernd.
Germany Bernd 2023-10-03 20:57:27 ⋅ 9h No. 290286

Germany Bernd 2023-10-02 16:04:20 ⋅ 1d No. 290154
That sad feel when banned from every board on Kohlchan for no reason, because I posted a frog. I can't even beg on /admin/ to get my ban repealed. The mods are insane and drunk with power.
Germany Bernd 2023-10-03 11:59:02 ⋅ 18h No. 290250
>>290231 No, and you will never find out
Finland Bernd 2023-10-03 12:15:42 ⋅ 18h No. 290251
Germany Bernd 2023-10-03 12:28:55 ⋅ 18h No. 290252
Germany Bernd 2023-10-03 13:25:14 ⋅ 17h No. 290257
>>290250 Is it endchan?

Australia Bernd 2023-09-03 05:28:24 ⋅ 1mn No. 286171
Kc has recently become more intractible. Ukrainians often attack me on proxy. There's a rusball called nfkrz (assuming not a lie by kc) who is schizoid in tblisi. One rusball is called Ivan who is in usa from moldova. Another strange one is an ameriball who has police family etc. Guy also is rabidly criminal. Recently kazakhball talked to it about not hearing through a police helmut. What are we seeing
France Bernd 2023-10-03 07:34:47 ⋅ 23h No. 290237
Whatever op
Brazil Bernd 2023-10-03 10:23:24 ⋅ 20h No. 290243
United Kingdom Bernd 2023-10-03 10:28:07 ⋅ 20h No. 290245
United Kingdom Bernd 2023-10-03 10:30:55 ⋅ 20h No. 290246

Russia Bernd 2023-10-02 10:43:33 ⋅ 1d No. 290074
I work from home and I want to go for a walk sometimes, but I can't just walk around aimlessly. I need some goal. Going to the nearest bodega for another can of beer is not a good goal. Where to find goals for walking to become a walker?
Germany Bernd 2023-10-02 15:33:34 ⋅ 1d No. 290152
If you don't walk aimlessly you're not a real walker, my opinion
Germany Bernd 2023-10-02 18:31:06 ⋅ 1d No. 290175
Chose a direction and start to walk. Try to walk on roads that you have not walked before as much as possible. The accomplished walker has walked on every road in a several kilometer radius of his home.
Russia Bernd 2023-10-02 18:48:37 ⋅ 1d No. 290179
Try to stalk girls like I do
Canada Bernd 2023-10-02 19:09:25 ⋅ 1d No. 290184
>>290179 Jeepers creepers.

Germany Bernd 2023-09-24 18:53:25 ⋅ 1w No. 289114
That feel when no gf.
Mexico Bernd 2023-09-27 19:36:38 ⋅ 6d No. 289435
>>289409 I appreciate the bears, bearposter. Thanks for being here. I love bears.
Germany Bernd 2023-09-27 20:31:46 ⋅ 6d No. 289441
>>289435 T-thanks.
Spain Bernd 2023-10-02 10:37:46 ⋅ 1d No. 290072
do not give up, in a world have a lot of womans
United States Bernd 2023-10-02 11:33:58 ⋅ 1d No. 290133
You'll be fine op.

Russia Bernd 2023-09-29 09:14:40 ⋅ 4d No. 289657
real will be back up tomorrow at 21:00


United States Bernd 2023-10-02 03:26:21 ⋅ 2d
No. 290029
I just received my krautchan invite code
Mexico Bernd 2023-10-02 07:00:48 ⋅ 1d No. 290039
Hungary Bernd 2023-10-02 10:46:24 ⋅ 1d No. 290076
>>289967 Delays? I'm confident it will be back up tomorrow.
United States Bernd 2023-10-02 11:32:40 ⋅ 1d No. 290132
>>290076 Maybe

Azerbaijan Bernd 2023-09-27 16:11:50 ⋅ 6d No. 289415
Hungary Bernd 2023-10-01 08:13:28 ⋅ 2d No. 289960
Germany Bernd 2023-10-01 16:30:33 ⋅ 2d No. 289984
Mexico Bernd 2023-10-01 17:46:46 ⋅ 2d No. 289995
Hungary Bernd 2023-10-02 10:48:47 ⋅ 1d No. 290077


Germany Bernd 2023-09-29 21:39:29 ⋅ 4d
No. 289776
Using my information gathering skills, I made out the next weed farm to raid. Expected yield is at least a few kilos. Today was the day. he farm is on an island on a river, but that island is rather far away from where I live and I don't have a driving license so I told my brother about it because he's got a car. NOT ONLY DID HE DARE TO BRING A FRIEND (which actually turned out to be good) BUT HE ALSO DROVE LIKE A RETARD, he drifted, went over speed limits, was raging in the car because of people driving slow on the Autobahn. Like, what the fuck. We're about to do something illegal, like, fucking behave!!!!!!! No not only this. Short before the final destination there's a nature reserve area. I told my brother that we should walk but he didn't give a shit and drove right through it towards the river. And guess what. 5 minutes later we've been caught by some old hunter dude with a gun and two dogs and he threatened to call the police because we broke several laws by being there with a car. He then wanted to know why we were there. I first didn't want to show him my fishing rod, the excuse I prepared for real emergencies, because my brother actually did not renew his fishing license but then he threatened me to not lie to him so I admitted that I wanted to go fishing. Thank god he became friendlier after that and told us that he'd let us go. But if we ever show up again he'd instantly alarm the police. (going on that island is forbidden because there are no paths). So yeah, gone are my few K euros that were supposed to make my next semester nice and cozy. But it's okay, my brother has learned a few important lessons.
United States Bernd 2023-10-01 22:41:54 ⋅ 2d No. 290020
>>289859 you didn't answer his question. you're edgy, but still a pussy deep down
Germany Bernd 2023-10-01 23:35:10 ⋅ 2d No. 290023
>>290020 you're actually fronting me for replying bullshit to a bullshit reply wow autism much?
Mexico Bernd 2023-10-02 07:05:59 ⋅ 1d No. 290041
>>290023 Cayate
United States Bernd 2023-10-02 10:10:05 ⋅ 1d No. 290062
>>290023 Whatever.

Kohlcash Sharing

United States Bernd 2023-09-28 15:02:29 ⋅ 5d
No. 289523
Sorry to make this shit thread, but I need a way to post on k*hlchan and my laptop is too old to solve kohlcash in less than a literal day, and after a couple of hours Helmuts retard code times out and my solution won't work then. You might ask why I need to post there, the answer is I have some Germany specific questions and /b/ is more active there. And I only post via tor on honeypot sites, so I can't just post without kohlcash. Anyone wants to share theirs? I promise I won't break rules, and if my laptop manages to solve it today after it didn't work on the last couple of days I will of course share mine too. The good thing about sharing is it makes you less identifiable.
Germany Bernd 2023-09-30 17:07:51 ⋅ 3d No. 289901
>>289898 I've seen ans youtube video were they heat up a stainless steel pan so much that the Leidenfrost effects kicks in and then manage to fry ans egg in there. But I'm not sure if you need a gas stove for that. Maybe you might want to look into cast iron pans. They have better non-stick behavior than stainless steel pans, last forever but you have to but some effort in maintaining them. I just try to use my stainless steel one wherever possible and use my non-stick ones when I need to.
United States Bernd 2023-09-30 17:51:02 ⋅ 3d No. 289906
>>289901 That's probably the best idea, having different pans for different purposes, but my flat has a tiny kitchen only and I can't really cramp in another pan. Also they are annoyingly expensive, so I wish I could avoid get multiple ones. But the perfect choice with long life, low maintenance, good nonstick properties does not exist unfortunately. And I can't decide which of these I am willing to neglect the most.
Germany Bernd 2023-09-30 18:34:59 ⋅ 3d No. 289911
>>289906 The best way to store pots/pans is to hang them somewhere. These things are too bulky to store them in a cupboard efficiently. I bet you have enough space to hang ans additional pan.
Mexico Bernd 2023-10-02 07:20:35 ⋅ 1d No. 290044
>>289523 cayate