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Are all venezuelan IP addresses banned?

Venezuela Bernd 2022-06-01 20:16:55 ⋅ 1y
No. 155227
Hello, i think I never broke up th rules. I didn't posted ilegal content, please check my historial or something, I'm 100% it's a mistake.
Colombia Bernd 2022-06-01 20:18:41 ⋅ 1y No. 155234
>>155227 Ninguna IP está rangebaneada pero yo vi a un venezolano pidiendo caldo o preguntando dónde estaba, a lo mejor fuiste tu hijo de puta, o a lo mejor fuiste el que posteo esas cosas podridas
Mexico Bernd 2022-06-01 20:19:15 ⋅ 1y No. 155238
>>155227 ecahito palante moment
Peru Bernd 2022-06-04 13:48:40 ⋅ 1y No. 159971
>>155227 maybe be chavist is a instant ban
Turkey Bernd 2022-06-04 14:01:55 ⋅ 1y No. 159977
Whats you ban id? We dont use range bans here.
Peru Bernd 2022-06-23 10:57:23 ⋅ 1y No. 182232
>>155227 ayyyyy
Ecuador Bernd 2022-07-08 16:34:19 ⋅ 1y No. 194975
how to post here if you are banned?