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Germany Bernd 2021-06-09 04:26:13 ⋅ 1w No. 115589
In 5 hours and 35 minutes I will get vaxxed.
Germany Bernd 2021-06-09 05:00:44 ⋅ 1w No. 115600
Fug. When did you call the doctor for the appointment? I am consodering to get vaxxed too because this summer it is likely that I have to go to some shithole country for a while, but I don't know how to get an appointment with a doctor :(
Germany Bernd 2021-06-09 07:26:26 ⋅ 1w No. 115607
>>115600 This is a doctor I saw last week for another issue. I asked if they could vaxx me and they put me on the list, called a few days later to make an appointment for today. I also managed to get on other waiting lists by just looking up websites of doctors in my city, emailing and asking nicely to get on their vaxx waiting lists. I send about 20 emails and got on two other lists. You can also now try vaccination centers, officially they dropped prioritization on monday, but it might be different in your Land or Kreis.
Finland Bernd 2021-06-09 08:46:36 ⋅ 1w No. 115608
Very noice I will be vaxxened on Monday
Germany Bernd 2021-06-09 10:59:41 ⋅ 1w No. 115616
Doned. Feels good man.
Netherlands Bernd 2021-06-09 11:11:02 ⋅ 1w No. 115617
>>115616 which one?
Slovenia Bernd 2021-06-09 12:07:37 ⋅ 1w No. 115624
I've been vaxxened 3 weeks ago, 2nd dose ins 3 weeks
Germany Bernd 2021-06-09 12:28:55 ⋅ 1w No. 115627
>>115616 Biontech/Pfizer Injection site kinda hurts now when I move it.
Turkey Bernd 2021-06-09 12:33:26 ⋅ 1w No. 115628
>>115627 türk'd
Slovenia Bernd 2021-06-09 13:09:01 ⋅ 1w No. 115631
>>115627 I was fag scene'd by AstraZeneca next day I fell asleep ins afternoon's r8
Germany Bernd 2021-06-09 13:38:34 ⋅ 1w No. 115639
>>115628 Thanks for sending your best. First Döner and now this. Deutschtürks are truly amazing. >>115631 Falling asleep is nice.
Germany Bernd 2021-06-09 13:40:06 ⋅ 1w No. 115640
>>115639 Why are you invisible on the map? Even if I am the only Germanyball on the map sometimes I see you live posting. Are you ans mod?
Netherlands Bernd 2021-06-09 14:19:10 ⋅ 1w No. 115642
>>115627 Imagine the potential of the technology you just used. Humans will be talking in centuries from now about covid progressing rna vaccines etc.
Germany Bernd 2021-06-10 09:18:10 ⋅ 1w No. 115684
>>115640 I'm not a mod. Maybe I'm your neighbour. I don't see the map at all because this website doesn't work properly for Firefox, apparently. >>115642 Yes. Pretty cool.
Bernd 2021-06-10 10:12:44 ⋅ 1w No. 115685
Netherlands Bernd 2021-06-10 17:51:27 ⋅ 1w No. 115728
>U krijgt twee injecties met een mRNA-vaccin, te weten BioNTech/Pfizer of Moderna Schizos have two weeks to persuade and save me