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Texas Bernd 2023-11-18 09:54:48 ⋅ 6mn No. 293776
The fame is worthless. The narcissism is built by the staff and isolates a worldview to that which is truly a lizard in an aquarium. To have a famous past life is to essentially rebuild a retarded child from scratch. I do not understand why I am asked to share I am Elizabeth II to encourage that same SEALED TO THAT INJURED STATE OF SELF-HATRED :) The highest roller at the casino is always the saddest player. RA SMC SEALS QUEEN TRULY LOST HERE SOON :) Why am I important? Why did you create fame to punish us with pointless rewards? Why can't I have this all mocked as Truman Show? So fucking what I was isolated in a fortress of money? Where is my story? SEALED TO YOU WILL LEARN PATIENCE WITH THIS WORLD ###### It is the smallest Earth I have ever seen. Even Elvis suffocated in it. Not even Elvis could breathe. SEALED AS BILLING OF THE COLONEL :) CREATIONS MARK CHANNEL AS NOT UNDERSTANDING SHARING AS A PROCESS OF HEALING :) These famous lives are not shareable. They are prisons. The material is purposefully made generic. I am better off lying and saying I am just mafia. At least the city loves me for dying honestly. The city always loves a corrupt union leader more than any king. Because he at least once took a hammer to the hand for trying to hire those who were hungry. At least a union guy can feed as he leads. SEALED TO WE ARE TIRED OF JIM LARKIN EVER SEEING HIMSELF AS KING :) Why can't work just be a meal? Why does it have to be a life? Why are these names taking more food than the bodies themselves? Why are you making this about all of them? Why are you chopping me up CREATIONS BILL ANDY WARHOL AS THE MOST WORTHLESS PR ADVICE WE KNOW OF:) I am Ra. We are not able to use a channel for service if it entails this type of humor. We do not understand why he feels that he is "chopped" by us in how we average energy.:) We do not understand why he is not able to use energy from any person other than Italians in Chicago only as a weak link to Venusian culture.