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Quebec Bernd 2023-01-25 04:13:05 ⋅ 1y No. 250684
Gaming peaked in the late 20th century. Most of the popular franchises were born, every genre was perfected, it was magical time. Nowadays everything is uninspired, feminist, pozzed gay shit.
Quebec Bernd 2023-01-25 04:14:45 ⋅ 1y No. 250685
I will grant there were a few good games even up until around 2010
Finland Bernd 2023-01-25 11:36:54 ⋅ 1y No. 250713
Good vidya are still being made Otherwise true
Slovenia Bernd 2023-01-25 11:44:55 ⋅ 1y No. 250714
it is when games turned from craft into industry capitalism destroyed vidya
Germany Bernd 2023-01-28 09:06:23 ⋅ 1y No. 251102
>>250714 Indie developers on Steam and elsewhere are putting out shitloads of amazing games, it was never as accessible as it is today for a small group of people to make a game and release it