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Russia Bernd 2021-11-18 19:07:29 ⋅ 6mn No. 127337
I am not TOR
Germany Bernd 2021-11-18 22:33:55 ⋅ 6mn No. 127344
welcome to
Turkey Bernd 2021-11-19 00:01:34 ⋅ 6mn No. 127348
try just reconnecting to your ISP, that ip is blacklisted probably because it was tor exit node at some time. its prolly can be addressed in some clever way in the future, but right now its better to keep tor completely banned. also if you want you can create a perma account so i can whitelist it from range bans.
Russia Bernd 2021-11-19 06:18:46 ⋅ 6mn No. 127350
>>127348 What is ISP
Slovenia Bernd 2021-11-19 14:36:10 ⋅ 6mn No. 127365
>>127350 internet service provider means: the company where you buy internet connection from
Russia Bernd 2021-11-19 14:54:17 ⋅ 6mn No. 127366
>>127365 Ah, ok, I will change my internet provider to have good access to this website
Turkey Bernd 2021-11-19 16:49:07 ⋅ 6mn No. 127373
>>127366 You dont need to change ISP you just need to reconnect, i.e. reboot router. Problems werent.
Slovenia Bernd 2021-11-19 17:16:58 ⋅ 6mn No. 127377
>>127373 (Depends. Mine just lands you on the same IP if you don't stay disconnected for 24hrs+)